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Why study English?

We may laugh at hotel notices such as, „Our wines leave you nothing to hope for“ (Switzerland) or „Please leave your values at the front desk“ (France) but, right or wrong, English is now the dominant or official language in over sixty countries and is represented in every continent. Therefore, as every business executive knows, being able to communicate accurately and effectively makes the difference between success and failure in international business.

English has become the language that unites Europe. Young Europeans study English to improve their job prospects, as a passport to wider horizons or promotion. Career advertisements in quality European newspapers often demand a "good working knowledge" of English, and are themselves often formulated in English. English is the official company language in Spain; French, traditionally influential there, is fast declining in prestige. In Germany, English is big business, whether in good times or bad.

There is no doubt that both the demand for English and its influence, is increasing. There are 290 million people in the former USSR alone, a vast potential increase in the spread of the English language to say nothing of the Chinese! One thing is certain, a successful international business executive cannot afford not to speak English! 

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
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