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  Bespoke English courses on the beautiful island of GozoLearn English with a course tailored to you
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Getting it right

So why choose Bespoke English? There is no doubt an unlimited choice of courses and schools out there. However to find the perfect course you need to ask yourselves the right questions.


My time is limited, how will I know that I will learn?

Our courses are tailor-made for you. You decide the timetable and course details. Our excellent trainer will make recommendations to suit your needs and should issues arise during the course alterations and additions can be made.


Will I get what I have paid for?

As you decide what you want, the intensity and the content, you will be sent a course programme prior to your arrival so you will be guaranteed exactly what you ordered.

Business or Pleasure

What is the right balance between hard work and enjoyment?

At Bespoke there is no need to choose – you can have business and pleasure. Our professional approach combined with a relaxed location gives you the perfect ´working´ holiday and a happy learner is a successful learner.


Will I get value for money?

You get what you pay for. Luxury accommodation; tailor-made courses; native English, experienced trainer; private driver and guide - all this at an affordable price. There are no seasonal supplements as you choose the season to suit. Some prefer the clear, blue skies and cooler evenings of spring. Guaranteed sunshine and balmy evenings in the summer or the remains of summer and warm seas of the autumn – as winter and dark days are drawing in at home.


Which country suits me?

Since time is precious, courses tend to be limited to Europe; your homeland, the UK or Malta. Learning English at home can never be as effective as in an English speaking country, (which Malta is, due to its colonial past), as the distractions of everyday life are ever present and the tendency is to slip back into your native tongue. The UK is chosen for authenticity, language emersion and professionalism. However, the UK is expensive and of course you will have to suffer the famous British weather and food! Fortunately, you can now take advantage of all of the UK’s benefits combined with a wonderful, warm climate and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, even dining under the stars.

Type of course

Should I choose standard or intensive, will it make a big difference?

Bespoke English could not be simpler. No complicated course definitions and booking forms – one price and one mission. To give you exactly what you want.

Trainer quality

Will my trainer be fully qualified and experienced?

Along with the luxury accommodation you are also guaranteed a first-rate Business English trainer, sadly something that cannot be guaranteed in larger schools due to demand especially during the high season. A university graduate, fully trained and with years of experience teaching in the UK, Germany and Malta, our Oxford born, native English speaker can promise you the best possible tuition and advice.

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