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Course components

Course participants can expect the following areas to be covered in the course:

Business Skills

Presentation of one's own work; company structure, organisation or services and products.

Simulated negotiations and business meetings.

Analysis of a company's business; e.g. sales, marketing, quality and management.

Analysis of the financial aspects of a company's business.

Aspects of national and international economics. Case studies and discussions.

Analysis of a company's strengths and weaknesses. Intercultural understanding.

Presenting figures and graphs. Describing economic and social trends.

Communication Skills

Negotiating. Agreeing and disagreeing. Interrupting. Clarifying and confirming.

Asking for comments. Summarising. Asking appropriate questions.

Challenging/defending an opinion. Persuading and compromising.

Making proposals, offers and suggestions. Opening/closing meetings.

Using the telephone effectively.


Meeting and greeting. Receiving visitors. Socialising. Communicating ideas. Discussing problems.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Tense revision. Prepositions. Conditionals. Relative clauses. Accurate pronunciation.

Banking vocabulary. Insurance/Reinsurance vocabulary. Production vocabulary.

I.T. vocabulary. Sales/Marketing vocabulary. Smalltalk.


(This is not a comprehensive list but a sample of topics covered.)

Thomas Jefferson (1943 - 1826)
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